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Humane Education Classes


Juntos Vieques, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization

Our EIN number is 66-0816012. Please remember your donations are always tax exempt.


Juntos Mission

To promote the humane treatment of all animals, encourage environmental stewardship and cultivate empathy.

Juntos Vieques

We started in 2011 by canvasing the island with “Compassion Posters” to create awareness of issues surrounding animal cruelty. We organized animal wellness fairs and a community outreach program which brought a free animal clinic and “outdoor classrooms” to some of the most underserved communities on the island. We also ran summer camp programs and introduced registered therapy dogs into the schools and senior centers. In 2014 Juntos made a huge leap forward by bringing a Humane Education Program to the Vieques public school system serving children from preschool through middle school. Today, this remains our number one priority. The impact of this program is tremendous and leads directly to positive and sustainable change.




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