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Leticia Gonzales 


Leticia Gonzalez (Ms. Letty) has been working with children on the main island, Puerto Rico, and in Vieques as a teacher, guide, and community outreach leader over the past 14 years. Letty knows her calling to change the world is through working with children! 

She believes every child has a special gift to share with the world and is inspired to create a unique learner-directed environment.  She is committed to her position as Lead Humane Education Guide at JUNTOS. Her outgoing and upbeat personality is contagious and relatable to young people.

Letty has also worked in the hospitality, service, veterinary, and public service industries including with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).   


She is also the proud mother of three, Christopher, Alondra, and Christian, and aspires to challenge them to discover their individual callings. 


Alexis Jean Lebron

Legal Adviser, 

Board Member 


Victor Mallens 

CPO, Entrepreneur,

Board Member 


Jennifer Smith

Executive Director,

Board Member


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