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Episode Four

And now for the final episode of Letty’s series, “What is Humane Education”. In this episode you will hear from Letty what she teaches, why and how this method of teaching can make such a huge difference by cultivating a society of humane humans! You will also get a lovely glimpse of Vieques as Louis, Letty’s husband, follows her from location to location filming with a phone. This couple has done an amazing job in bringing these videos to life especially considering the limited equipment they have at their disposal. In fact Juntos is seeking funding to fulfill Letty’s “wish list” which is nothing more than a bit of updated technology; the tools needed to help create a more professional finished product. Nonetheless, all of this work has been amazing and this episode is most definitely worth watching.

You can also see all four episodes on our YouTube channel : Juntos Vieques Puerto Rico and on Facebook @JUNTOS-VIEQUES.

As always, we are so very grateful for your continued support!

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