Loyda Gisela Guzmán

Executive Director,

Vieques Humane Society

As an old African proverb eloquently states”it takes a village to raise a child” I am a firm believer that it takes a village to care for the animals and that it takes the next generation to end the suffering of animals. It is my humble opinion that Juntos is succeeding in educating the next generation of Viequenses to end the suffering of animals.

The educational program that Juntos offers through the Vieques school system and the Juntos clubs is creating ambassadors of animal welfare equipped to share with family members & community members: the importance of sterilization; the consequences of overpopulation; the ailments caused when animals are not vaccinated nor prescribed preventative medications such as flea and tick heart warm medications.

As part of their curriculum Juntos students volunteer at the Vieques Humane Society. They come in weekly to care for the animals in our shelter: bathing, feeding, walking, socializing and cleaning kennels. Aside from working with the animals directly, students receive orientation from our Veterinary team and learn the importance of the services offered at our low cost clinic. They are always engaged and prepared with questions.

The information they receive is not lost on them. I recall, a few days after a clinic orientation, receiving a call from a frantic parent who called to make an appointment because she did not want their puppy contracting the horrible disease her son had just told her about-Parvovirus. There have been countless other calls and other situations that demonstrate the impact Juntos is having. There is hope!

Furthermore, I see eagerness and compassion in the eyes of these students, because they know they carry the knowledge to impact the future care and outcome of the animals on Vieques: and they are rising to the occasion.

Juntos is our hope for a better future the animals and Vieques Humane Society is honored to support and work with Juntos.


Loyda Gisela Guzmán Executive Director Vieques Humane Society

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