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Sunday Update

Dear Friends of Juntos,

It’s Sunday again and as promised we are back with more to share. At the request of some of the teachers, Letty created online humane education tutorials. And she has certainly delivered! While this is not quite the same as direct contact with her students (and trust me, Ms. Letty and the kids are definitely missing each other) these videos have been a powerful and far reaching tool. “Los Animales Alrededor de mi Casa'' is one of my favorites. It is thoroughly entertaining and informative as she shares with her students the wonders of all the animals surrounding her home. It is also perfectly interactive as she challenges everyone to explore their own homes in the same way. The students have even returned homework! This particular video has been out for a while so many of you may have already seen it. Still it is worth a second viewing. Perhaps it will inspire you to explore your own surroundings the same way. So, check it out here.

I leave you with a heartfelt thanks to all who have donated through our website or through facebook.We’re on a roll so let’s continue! No amount of giving is too little!

“See” you next Sunday.

Until then, stay safe and keep your spirits lifted.

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